Aim & Objectives


The Aim of the programme is to offer postgraduate level education, with a high standard of scholarship, skills and research training, to graduate midwives who would impart their knowledge to the training of midwives at the tertiary and sub-tertiary levels.



The programme seeks to produce post-graduate Midwives who will be able to:

i. Critically evaluate, develop and oversee maternity services in their communities, ensuring humanising, safe experience for mothers and their families.

ii.      Teach in a variety capacities, including undergraduate and basic midwifery programmes

iii.  Conduct both independent and collaborative research that will support innovations contributing to the development of midwifery practice.

iv. Provide national and international expert midwifery care to promote women’s health and contribute to reduction in maternal and infant mortality and morbidity.

v. Work collaboratively with professionals from a variety of disciplines to promote midwifery practice/maternal and child health.

vi. Identify and implement changes in complex health care delivery systems that enhance the quality and cost-effectiveness of clients’ care.